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Led by Sofia Krimizi, the AA Summer School 2021 is a full-time online course taking place over two weeks, comprising a unique and intensive programme of design studios, seminars and lectures. Based on the AA’s unit system, it offers participants the opportunity to experience a diverse selection of different learning environments, teaching agendas and design techniques.

The 2021 AA Summer School will focus on care. As the global pandemic has confronted us with terms such as isolation, remoteness, social distancing and support bubbles, caring has never been more important. Each of these terms, which were mostly peripheral or non-existent prior to Covid-19, have spatial and contextual implications, and therefore, we will ask how architecture and creative practices can care?

WHAT NOW? Agents of Care will attempt to respond to these unexpected spatial, social and political conditions that architectural practices, as well as education, are now facing. The aim is to build upon the emerging collective experience that the pandemic has cultivated, and to enable collaboration, hope and creative experimentation. Focusing on spaces of learning, the programme will dissect online formats of teaching and radically reconfigure these into new forms of interaction and spaces of care.

Units led by, Space Saloon, Khalid Al-Bashir & Jumanah Najib Abdullah Bawazir, Lydia Kallipoliti, Francesca Romana Dell’Aglio & Rory Sherlock and Albane Duvillier & Elliot Rogosin, among others.*

*Summer School schedules may vary between units, details of this will be available online in the coming weeks.

AA Online Summer School

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About Encompassing myriad forms and agendas, the Visiting School courses and workshops are built around agenda-driven project briefs that are pursued and shaped by students working intensively in small groups led by AA tutors. Central to each is the idea that experimental, new and provocative forms of architecture are best learned by doing. The school promotes, tests and challenges global interests in architectural learning and exchange by embedding a diverse group of creative students and tutors in an array of unique rural, urban and international contexts. From continental Europe to the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Americas, the AA Visiting School offers new and unexpected learning opportunities all over the world. Places on each course are limited, and anybody who would like to further their architectural knowledge and skills can apply.

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