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Frequently Asked Questions

If you or your organisation run architecture or design related events, then we’d love for you to list these on The Architecture Diary site. If you’ve never listed an event before, then you’ll need to create an account for your organisation. You can do this using the register button in the top right hand corner. You just need one account for your organisation, so if others in your organisation have previously submitted events, then you’ll need to use that account so submit or edit your events.

Yes it’s free – within reason! We’re happy to list any public architecture or design related event in the city that would appeal to a public or professional audience. We don’t charge for event listings – but ask that you submit and manage your own events using the account section. If our Community Manager feels that any one organisation’s events are overly dominating the site, they may need to limit the number they approve at any one time.

Because we’ve moved to a new website platform, any accounts created on the old architecture diary will no longer work. If you’ve previously submitted events and want to continue doing so, you’ll need to register for a new account on the new platform. You can do this by clicking ‘register’ in the top right hand corner of the screen. It only takes a couple of minute to register.

We’ve tried to bring across as many events from the old diary as possible. But sometimes the event details change and we don’t always know. The easiest way to edit your events and keep them up to date is so create an account on the website. That way you maintain control over your event listings. Once you’ve created an account you can then you can use the button in your account to ask for your events to be transferred to your account. That way you can edit them or add new events.

You account is unique to the London Architecture Diary. If you or your organisation want to run events in other cities you would need to create a separate account on that city’s Architecture Diary. However please don’t duplicate digital event listings on other Architecture Diary Network listings if it’s already listed on the London Architecture Diary.

We know that many organisations will be running events as part of the LFA. There’s no need to duplicate events here. If you’re event part of the LFA programme, there’s no need to list it here as well.

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