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How to avoid becoming 'Casualties' of the Public Housing Crisis, and self-empower? Lessons from ‘The Front Line’.

UNITY IS STRENGTH: Housing Estates, Under Threat
"Whatever you think you might or might not have in common with your neighbours and local businesses - You share one thing - your Community. This is enough common ground to support their Campaigns for survival! "
Anon. Armchair Critic.

In this Debate we will learn from ordinary Residents and Campaigners, about the chilling effects of divide and rule tactics, upon them. Are tenants whose housing estates are earmarked for closure, really experiencing divisive tactics between private tenants and council tenants?

Discussions will include campaigns which have benefitted from unexpected alliances across, social, economic, ethnic, gender, religious, age and disability barriers. How have these strange, and often surprising alliances, strengthened their campaigns?

This event is part of Modernist Gem: a series of events as part of the London Festival of Architecture, highlighting the battle against the demolition of Kate Macintosh’s Leigham Court Sheltered Housing Scheme, and the community which inspired it, led by Anne Okokon, Co-chair of the Save Leigham Court, Sheltered Housing Campaign.

Sponsored by: MAIL BOXES ETC, Streatham & Cressingham Gardens Resident Management Company.

ACT-ING to empower communities
Image: Mr. Valentine Walker, Macintosh Court Campaigner, with Mr. Reggae Reggae Sauce, Cultural Leaders and a Supportive Community" . S. Okokon Archive © 2014.

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Event Type(s) Talks and Debates
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The Rotunda Hall, Cressingham Gardens More Info

Address: Tulse Hill (Next to Brockwell Park)
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