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Who's Listed Buildings? Is the Role of 'Listing' a Relevant or Outdated Protection?
Is 'Listing' a progressive protection of the community's buildings, or is it still a tool of the powerful?

Undoubtedly saved from demolition by ‘Listing’, Leigham/Macintosh Court also highlights the weaknesses of ‘Listing’ Unable to save the scheme from dysfunctional and catastrophic refurbishment, it also raises ethical questions about ‘Listing’s’ future.

"... Are a bunch of arty hippies any match for a group of cut-throat razor developers?"
Anon. Armchair Critic

Harsh and simplistic, but is "Listing", born in a gentler and more idealistic era, any match against the age of the Developer and Developer-Councils?
Is it’s elitism and lack of diversity an impediment to the modern Listing process?
Do we need new robust mechanisms, for the preservation of our architectural heritage?
And who or what will protect us against the destruction of our “intangible cultural heritage”, such as - THE COMMUNITY ITSELF?

This event is part of Modernist Gem: a series of events as part of the London Festival of Architecture, highlighting the battle against the demolition of Kate Macintosh’s Leigham Court Sheltered Housing Scheme, and the community which inspired it, led by Anne Okokon, Co-chair of the Save Leigham Court, Sheltered Housing Campaign.

The London Festival of Architecture is the world’s largest annual architecture festival, with a mission to democratise discussions around architecture, such as these. Please join us.

Sponsored by: MAIL BOXES ETC, Streatham & Cressingham Gardens Resident Management Company.

ACT-ING to protect
Image: Image: Mrs. Valda Robinson and Mrs Annette Carey, 'Listing' at Historic England. S.Okokon Archive © 2016.

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The Rotunda Hall, Cressingham Gardens More Info

Address: Tulse Hill (Next to Brockwell Park)
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