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Last month’s borough elections went well for Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens overall, while the long term Conservative decline in the capital continued. At the same time, important local factors produced outcomes in some parts of the city that went against the larger trends.

What do the results tell us about the state of the political parties, what Londoners want for the places where they live, and how their local councils will respond? And how might national government’s attitude to London be affected?

Join London Society Chair, Leanne Tritton; Kat Hanna, Urbanist and Researcher; Robert Gordon Clarke, Partner and Senior Advisor at London Communications Agency; Dave Hill, editor of the website On London; and Prof. Tony Travers, Visiting Professor in LSE Department of Government and Director of LSE London as they dissect May’s outcomes and what they mean for London’s future.

Borough Elections Debrief

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About The Society is for all those who love London. It was founded in 1912 by a group of influential Londoners concerned about the lack of planning for the future of the capital. Early members included architects, planners and engineers alongside politicians and artists. They came from a range of backgrounds and many would go on to shape Britain during the century that followed. The Society's motto is - Valuing the past; looking to the future!
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