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Colour Memories - a new exhibition by the Museum of Architecture and sponsored by Axalta - is dedicated to exploring the role of colour in architecture and design.
Colour Memories explores personal connections to colour and as well as ideas related to how colour informs the design process. It looks at the history of colour, colour in nature and biophilia, the impact of colour on our psychology and well-being, and the use of colour in architecture today. The exhibition showcases the impact and influence of new movements like Multiform and New London Fabulous and includes content from Studio Mutt and Studio S&M. The role of teaching colour in architecture is considered by Professor Fiona McLachlan, professor of architectural practice at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Antoni Malinowski co-director of Saturated Space at the Architectural Association. Other participants include: Asif Khan, Abre Etteh, Charles Holland, Chris Wilkinson, Katy Marks and Nimi Attanayake.

Colour Memories

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