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While conservation treatment of an individual artefact can sometimes be carried out in isolation, successful conservation of a building, or a collection of artefacts housed in a building, requires input from a range of specialists. A conservation architect may understand the overall needs of a building but will not be trained to understand the effect of the building microclimate on the chemical deterioration of wall paintings or stained glass.

In a similar way, a conservator might understand the effect of fluctuating temperature and humidity on paintings hanging in the building, or condensation on the corrosion of the roof lead, but may not understand the construction of the roof or the workings of the HVAC system which may be instrumental in causing the instabilities leading to the deterioration.

While architects are trained on how to work with engineers they are rarely trained how to work with conservators, and likewise, conservators are taught little about building design, construction and management systems.

This webinar will highlight that successful conservation of buildings and collections is a multidisciplinary process requiring an understanding of associated disciplines and collaborative working practices.

Conservation as a multidisciplinary process

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Organiser RIBA Academy

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