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What would be a version of planetary civilisation that can ‘use and store all of the energy available on its planet’ as suggested by Nikolai Kardashev? Can we imagine a planetary-scale decentralised solar economy that would help us in getting there?

This lecture will give insights on how civilization can be redefined in the face of our energy crisis, and the potential of solar energy development in compensating our modest urban capacities in renewable energy. Moreover, it will explore the challenges in decentralising solar infrastructure within cities and the opportunities in socialising an inclusive economy to form around such initiatives.

Most importantly, our speakers will explore the difficulties in planetary collaboration between cities, especially between their home cities, with a focus on the digital space and their material manifestation.

Provides Ng, Teacher at Bartlett School of Architecture
Alberto Fernandez, Digital Design Tutor at The Bartlett, UCL

Inclusive Spaces: Decentralising solar economy

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Event Type(s) Talks and Debates
Admission / Cost FREE
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Organiser The Bartlett School of Architecture

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