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The home is our first and most formative experience of the built environment. At a time when the UK - and many other countries - face many urgent housing problems, how can we ensure that young people’s voices are best taken into account when designing and building new homes? And how can we harness their innovative and creative ideas to make better homes for all?

In our February TET Dialogue webinar, you will hear examples of best practice from built environment and community engagement professionals leading the way in creating homes that work for young people.

Each will share how they’ve engaged with young people and children in the planning, design and delivery of projects, how they have made a difference, and the lessons they have learned.

Abigail Batchelor, Associate Director, Karakusevic Carson Architects

Speakers include:
Dr Bonnie Kwok, Principal Urban Designer/Greater Cambridge Design Review Panel Manager, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning
Mark Southgate, Chief Executive, MOBIE
Helena Thompson, Artistic Director, SPID Theatre

Designing Better Future Homes for Young People
Image: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

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Thornton Education Trust

About Thornton Education Trust (TET) is a charity created in 2020 to advance education in architecture and urban design for children and young people. We seek to close the gap between architecture and education: to embed architecture in young people’s education, and to embed young people in architecture. We do this through research, resources, online masterclasses and an annual programme of awards.

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