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Based on ‘Iconicon’ - the top-selling publication offering an enthralling journey around the Britain we have created since 1980: the horrors and delights, the triumphs and failures - The London Ambler with author John Grindrod are back - by popular demand! - to lead another special walk re-reading the buildings and spaces of Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs.

In the 1980s London’s future was Docklands and in Thatcher’s free market city its epic riverine landscapes were there for the taking. Over 40 years later what was once the centre of London’s vast industrial port has been transformed into an architectural playground of high-tech skyscrapers, post-modern palazzos, gleaming apartments and sprawling underworlds.

Hosted in partnership with Faber, this walk journeys around the making of an icon of British urbanism, exploring the politics and business deals behind its creation, its varied architectural landscapes and their place in pop-culture.

DOCKLANDS ICONICON – A Journey Around The Buildings of Canary Wharf
Image: The London Ambler

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The London Ambler

About Weaving unexpected and alternative routes through the city and tackling big architectural stories in an authoritative, yet fun and accessible way, The London Ambler is one of the capital’s best alternative walk experiences and brings to life the many episodes, sagas and adventures of built and unbuilt London!
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