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Around the fringe of every city lies an Edgeland. Neither town or country these fertile hinterlands are made up of two different natures. Skirting the ancient borders of the City of London, this walk explores the liminal buildings, streets and spaces that have grown up in the shadow of the financial heart. Following a route defined first by the Romans two millennia ago, it looks at the ‘City Fringe’ between Finsbury Square, Smithfield and Holborn Bars to reveal modernist utopias, medieval sanctuaries, partial monasteries and markets!

NB: This walk continues a route from Tower Hill and Spitalfields hosted in Winter 2023. See host website for more info.

DEPARTS Finsbury Square, London London EC2A 1PX

A walk by The London Ambler - Mike Althorpe

EDGELANDS – Architecture at The City’s Limits ‘Part Two’
Image: The London Ambler

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Event Type(s) Walks and Tours
Tickets / Admission £ 12
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The London Ambler

About Weaving unexpected and alternative routes through the city and tackling big architectural stories in an authoritative, yet fun and accessible way, The London Ambler is one of the capital’s best alternative walk experiences and brings to life the many episodes, sagas and adventures of built and unbuilt London!
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