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These three sessions on 09 and 23 September and 07 October leading up to COP26 will explore how we can take the opportunities available to act with the agency required.

Session 2: Engaging to protect and enhance the natural environment now

There is more than sufficient evidence about the impact of climate change and the decline in biodiversity. The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. We are misusing our natural resources with the intensification of agriculture, pollution of our rivers, serious decline in all species and most critically our pollinators. The Committee on Climate Change Third Climate Risk Assessment published in June 2021 made it very clear that while mitigation is needed to reduce further emissions, we also need adaptation to handle the greenhouse gases already ‘baked in’ to the atmosphere. But adaptation and mitigation have not been successfully integrated to date across government policy. It is clear that we will need standards and regulations to achieve the degree of change needed. What else should we do?

Time to rethink how we can all engage on these critical environmental issues?

This discussion facilitated by Julie Hill will explore these issues.

Engaging to protect and enhance the natural environment now

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