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The exhibition Evelyn De Morgan: The Gold Drawings (11 March - 1 October) explores De Morgan’s unique practice of making gold drawings, showcasing 13 artworks loaned by the Trustees of the De Morgan Foundation and Victoria Dolorosa from the Leighton House collection. In addition, preparatory drawings for the figure of St. Francis made in pastel on paper are included to showcase De Morgan’s working method and skill as a draftswoman.

This exhibition will be the first since 1889 to display a group of these beautiful artworks made in brilliant gold pigment on dark grey woven paper. De Morgan initially discovered this technique through Edward Burne-Jones but her works went beyond this initial inspiration. Using solid blocks of pure gold pigment and grinding them to a powder, she invented crayons and paints that she then specifically applied to the production of her drawings, which remain luminous today.

Featuring angels, saints, biblical figures and mythological deities, these drawings celebrate those who are in some way superhuman, or close to godly. Depicting her subjects in gold suggests De Morgan made the drawings to possess talismanic qualities.

The cost is included in a ticket to Leighton House.

Evelyn De Morgan: The Gold Drawings

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Tickets / Admission £ 11

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Leighton House More Info

Address: 12 Holland Park Road
W14 8LZ
Public Transport Holland Park, Kensington High Street

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