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A journey through styles and periods, this engaging and accessible tour traces the power and politics behind grand architectural ambitions including Frederick Horniman’s controversial tea trade wealth, the Baths and Washhouses Act 1846 which enabled the construction of Forest Hill Pools, and the London County Council’s ambitious postwar vision for a new Modernist centre of sporting excellence.

While many of these buildings tell similar stories of social reform and education they were all designed and delivered in very different ways with some founded by philanthropists and campaigners and others financed by private wealth or brought to life by public bodies. Clashing agendas and conflicts of opinion are also explored though discussion of the now demolished Sir Basil Spence-designed extension to Sydenham School, community efforts to save the Stirling Prize-nominated concert platform in Crystal Palace Park, and redevelopment plans for the National Sports Centre itself.

Forest Hill and Sydenham Architecture Walking Tour

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