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As part of our awards programme, the RA seeks to foster year-round discussion and cultural exchange on architecture. This year, we are starting our awards cycle with a conversation exploring recent developments in Chinese architecture and how Chinese architects are looking to the future.

In the last 40 years, Chinese society has seen large scale migration from rural to urban areas, often resulting in ‘hollowed out’ villages with aging populations troubled by social and economic upheaval. This rapid urbanisation process has given some architects pause for thought and has drawn them to rethink the countryside, using vernacular forms and local materials to propose new, more sustainable buildings. In this talk, we will invite leading practitioners and experts to take a closer look at how to ensure these projects can go beyond fuelling urbanite nostalgia for a simpler way of living and foster meaningful relationships that serve local communities.

We will begin with short presentations from our speakers, and our panel will then discuss how architects are rethinking Chinese villages; and whether a meaningful rural resurgence is possible within current economic context.

Speakers: Xu TianTian, Austin Williams, Dr. Xiangning Li anc Vicky Richardson (chair)

From countryside to city
Image: Huiming Tea Space, Photo by Wang Ziling © DnA_Design and Architecture

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