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In a Parisian housing estate named after the first cosmonaut, 16-year-old Youri spends his time between trying to make his building a better place for the community and dreaming about going to space. When Cité Gagarine risks demolition, Youri resorts to his ingenious inventions and the help of his friends to save it.

Discover how architecture is central to GAGARINE as the plot revolves around the demolition of a now-obsolete public housing complex, which the protagonist is trying to fix up to save it and make it habitable. The film also focuses on the personal and communal relationship we develop with buildings.

Watch Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh’s Cannes-selected gem with 30 days of free MUBI: https://mubi.com/promos/londonarchitecturediary

GAGARINE | MUBI Streaming Premiere
Image: © MUBI

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