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Whether you're looking to become B Corp Accredited or simply wish to grow your business in a way that enables you to focus on doing better for people and the planet, as well as profit - this workshop is for you.

Following on from our Getting Started with B Corp seminar, The Building Society presents the first in a series of practical sessions that will unpick the B Corp assessment criteria in more detail and explore how they can be used to scale and grow your business.

From exploring best practice to identifying gaps in your own business, this working session will examine how the framework can support you not only in achieving accreditation but also to establish a roadmap for impactful and sustainable growth.

Lisa Drake, Director, Elliott Wood
Gina Mula, B Leader and Founder of MulaShaker
Mel Mula, Founder of MulaShaker

Business for Good – Using B Corp principles to scale and grow your business

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Event Type(s) Workshops
Admission / Cost FREE
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Address: 55 Whitfield Street
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Public Transport Goodge Street
Venue Instagram @the_building_society
Venue Twitter @@thebuildingsct


Elliott Wood

About Elliott Wood are no ordinary engineers. We are activists for a new kind of engineering profession in which our craft is re-evaluated by clients and collaborators and becomes pivotal to the design process. This paradigm shift relies on a combination of both technical and creative thinking. Engineering is often about the unseen: much of what we do is hidden. Our intent is to explain and demystify this, uncovering the invisible workings of any structure. This way, we can reveal the hidden opportunities in a project, making the engineering work harder for our clients and materialising previously unidentified assets to make a positive impact. By revealing the unseen we can make a difference far beyond the nuts and bolts. We can engineer a better society.
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