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How can new technologies, AI, VR/AR and gaming be harnessed to successfully engage children and young people in architecture and urban design?

How can virtual engagement work with face-to-face activities? How do we harness the power of tech to design and create more child-friendly places at all scales?

Join us for the next online TET Dialogue exploring this critical issue. Our speakers are:

Dr Sara Candiracci, Associate Director, International Development Group and Lead Inclusive and Resilient Cities, Arup, highlighting, among other initiatives, the Urban95 virtual reality (VR) experience, created with the Bernard Van Leer Foundation. This innovative tool aims to raise awareness about some of the common challenges currently faced by young children in cities around the world, and encourage decision-makers and thought leaders into thinking from a child's direct perspective.

Dr Bobby Nisha, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield, discussing the innovative 'AR' City' project which has developed playful tech to change the way we interact with our environment and explore the sense of belonging in a space. The ideas for the playable tech were developed for and by young people.

Blaithin Quinn, Curator of Learning, Irish Architecture Foundation, highlighting education projects in which young people have made innovative use of Minecraft and other digital platforms in design challenges.

Chaired by: Simeon Shtebunaev, Doctoral Researcher, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, Birmingham City University

What are TET Dialogues?

TET Dialogues is a monthly programme of online events and masterclasses created by the Thornton Education Trust (TET). The programme provides an independent space for built environment practitioners to share ideas on how to build capacity in engaging young people in urban design.

For more information visit: thorntoneducationtrust.org

How to Harness the Power of Tech in Learning About Architecture
Image: Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash.

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Thornton Education Trust

About Thornton Education Trust (TET) is a charity created in 2020 to advance education in architecture and urban design for children and young people. We seek to close the gap between architecture and education: to embed architecture in young people’s education, and to embed young people in architecture. We do this through research, resources, online masterclasses and an annual programme of awards.

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