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Well-designed and maintained public spaces – whether parks and gardens, playgrounds, streets and squares – are vital for children and young people to develop social skills, build confidence and learn to become independent. Yet there are many concerns about such factors as poor design, safety and security of the spaces they use every day. What do young people need in design of the public realm to explore their city with confidence, and how can we bring their views into decision-making on public spaces?

In our next monthly TET Dialogue webinar, you will hear examples of best practice from built environment and community engagement professionals leading the way in advocating for and creating public spaces that work for young people.

Each will share how they’ve engaged with young people and children in the planning, design and delivery of projects, how they have made a difference, and the lessons they have learned.

Making Space for Young People
Image: Aedrian on Unsplash

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Thornton Education Trust

About Thornton Education Trust (TET) is a charity created in 2020 to advance education in architecture and urban design for children and young people. We seek to close the gap between architecture and education: to embed architecture in young people’s education, and to embed young people in architecture. We do this through research, resources, online masterclasses and an annual programme of awards.

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