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Join renowned thinker and architect Keller Easterling for a lecture on her theory of medium design.

Medium Design inverts the typical focus on the object to centre instead upon the medium – the space between objects, events and ideological positions, disrupting habitual approaches to the world’s dilemmas – from climate cataclysm to inequality, to power imbalances.

From the perspective of Medium Design, solutions are mistakes, ideologies are unreliable markers, and an innovation can be a protocol for the way things combine. Rather than the modern desire for the new, designers find more complexity in relationships between emergent and incumbent technologies.

Encouraging entanglement, Medium Design does not try to eliminate problems but rather put them together in productive combinations. It offers some additional activist tools for outwitting political superbugs and modulating power and temperament in organisations of all kinds.

Medium Design with Keller Easterling

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Event Type(s) Talks and Debates
Tickets / Admission £ 5
Organiser Design Museum

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