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Fire safety has been a critical concern since the Grenfell tragedy in 2017. The Fire Safety Bill, first proposed in March 2020, was introduced to clarify who is responsible for managing and reducing fire risks in different parts of multi-occupied residential buildings, to prevent future tragedies occurring. The Bill is now known as the Fire Safety Act 2021 and, although it is unclear when the Act comes into force, this is another significant development on the issue of fire safety.

How will new proposed roles such as the “Accountable Person” change the way buildings are managed? What elements in buildings will now have to comply to fire safety and how will this affect design, supply chain and construction? Who will be responsible for covering costs and how will this affect leaseholders and landlords?

NLA’s Annual Fire Safety Update presents the latest regulatory changes that built environment professionals need to know to get ready to new ways of specifying, assembling and managing buildings for safeguarding fire safety.

NLA Annual Fire Safety Update

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