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According to Ordnance Survey, there’s around twenty-three and a half thousand hectares of green space in London—that’s around 25 square metres of open space for every single person living in the capital. The pandemic has shown how important it is for all of us to have access to open space for physical and mental wellbeing. But how open is open space?

The distribution of this precious resource is not equitable among Londoners. Some uses and intensely land-hungry. Golf courses, for example, take up an area greater than the whole of Brent, yet exist to serve a relatively small minority of the population. And while carried out with the best of intentions, even when we carve new open spaces from the city, these can inadvertently exclude minority groups based on age and culture.

Speakers include Dinah Bornat, ZCD Architects; Russell Curtis, RCKa Architects; and Dr. Bridget Snaith, University of East London.

Open Not Open: putting, parks, playgrounds – and the equity of open space in London

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