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The burning question on everyone’s lips now that the vaccination programme is accelerating remains ‘what will be the new normal for the City of London post covid?’

Will everyone simply return and carry on as before?

Will social distancing remain and influence commuter travel patterns , hours of access, occupational densities and office take-up?

What are the lessons from Asia with SARS 2003?
What impact might all of the above have on the eco-system of the City where the very foundation of institutions such as Lloyd’s of London was the ability to meet face to face and do business ?

Join us on April 13th when we will discuss the future of cities and workspace in the post-COVID world with Despina Katsikakis, Global Head of Total Workplace at Cushman and Wakefield, Peter Murray London Mayoral Design Advocate and Chair of New London Architecture, and Andrew Reynolds City Architecture Forum Chair and advisor on a number of new City tower projects.

‘Revealing the City’ – The future of offices in the City of London
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