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Doing Days are an opportunity to experience dance and movement through actually ‘doing’ and engaging physically with artists and their processes.

ROUGH IDEA (on Wildness, Blackness and Greenness) is an online conversational, movement workshop. Using mapping, interaction with spaces, movement scores and self-archiving participants will explore liveness and greeness in outdoor, indoor and online spaces. Amy would like to invite people who identify as being Black, Asian or as an Ethnic minority with lived experience of racism into a gentle and slow workshop which will provide a space to share experiences of being alone and outside in green spaces; as a support system the group will discuss, both physically and conversationally: what it means to be seen and watched in green spaces, self care as an act of rebellion and kinds of ‘wildness.’

The Doing Day will involve a poking and prodding into methods of scoring performance and improvisation in outdoor and domestic spaces with explorations of the internal and external body and spaces around it – moments outside are possible for those who feel open to doing so. Tangents will be welcome and celebrated. Together the group will create a series of shared interactions with ‘wild’ spaces.

Amy invites all participants to take part in the workshop in a way that gives them space to reflect and explore. No movement experience is necessary and participants are welcome to interact with the structure and content in a way that works for them, their responsibilities and needs. Supportive friends and carers are welcome into the space and please let us know what else you may need.

Before the beginning of the workshop you will receive a digital care-package. The process of this Doing Day will be documented and archived by collaborative artist Jemima Yong; who will create a ROUGH JOURNAL, a document reflecting on the workshop moments, which will be shared with the group via email afterwards as a trace of the shared experience.

ROUGH IDEA is informed by recent outdoor projects WILD LANDS (Portico Library, 2019), KINGS (2020) and FEELFEELFEEL (Dance4, 2021) and is funded by Siobhan Davies Studios through the Culture Recovery Fund.

Rough Idea (On Wildness, Blackness and Greenness)

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Event Type(s) Workshops
Tickets / Admission £ 20
Organiser Siobhan Davies Dance

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