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Multidisciplinary design duo Space Popular invite visitors to experience the magic and mechanics of virtual travel in an exhibition that bridges the technologies of Soane’s time and ours.

The exhibition responds to the virtuality of Sir John Soane’s Museum by focusing on ‘the portal’: a door or threshold that grants entrance into another environment, whether physical or virtual. The desire to travel virtually across time, space and realms has been a recurring theme in the collective imagination – one that many have explored through fictional narratives.

Using Sir John Soane’s Museum as the point from which to begin a multidimensional journey, Space Popular – led by designers Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg – present their research on the portal through time and across media.

Space Popular: The Portal Galleries

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Tickets / Admission £ 15
Tickets/Booking/RSVP: www.soane.org/...
Organiser Sir John Soane's Museum

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