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The Order of Time engages in our agency and understanding of the world through immersive sculpture, drawings and films. In 1969, George Spencer Brown published his seminal book Laws of Form – an attempt to straddle the boundaries between mathematics and philosophy in which he declared: ‘Draw a distinction and a universe comes into being.’ Rather than something shared and mutually understood, the ‘world’ is plural, situated and in a process of continuous formation. Worlds within worlds made legible through a cosmology of observations. The exhibition features three sculptural works that reveal the ordering of space and our constructed relationships through direct experiential discovery.

Physicist and author Carlo Rovelli reminds us that in physics, there is no future or past; everything understood remains in the ever-present. The Order of Time speaks to this understanding of time(s) as something situated and relational, examining world-building at infinite resolutions from the subatomic to the cosmological. The work shift scales and magnitudes, revealing this dynamic interplay through direct experience: everything you see is your own invention. The exhibition includes a conversation between Carlo Rovelli and Theodore Spyropoulos and a series of generative studies that further expand on the installation.

The Order of Time
Image: Photograph by Minimaforms, The Order of Time, 2022. @salimsantalucia @Lequadrilatere2022

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