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The Regent’s Park is one of London’s finest public spaces. Created by John Nash for The Crown in the early 19th century it is credited as the city’s first garden suburb - a place where stately villas, palatial terraces and landscape all work together to conjure picturesque scenes of delight. Yet behind the gleaming stucco facades, it was a venture marked by bitter arguements, nepotism, fudge and compromise. From illusions of Versailles, to incarnations of ancient Greece and modernism, this walk explores artfully spun fictions and show stoppers to reveal the story of the making of the park, its best buildings, finest views and greatest dramas!

An OnStreet walk by The London Ambler - Mike Althorpe

THE SHOW’S THE THING! – Architecture & Melodrama of The Regent’s Park
Image: The London Ambler

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The London Ambler

About Weaving unexpected and alternative routes through the city and tackling big architectural stories in an authoritative, yet fun and accessible way, The London Ambler is one of the capital’s best alternative walk experiences and brings to life the many episodes, sagas and adventures of built and unbuilt London!
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