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To celebrate the publication of Unbuilt, The London Society bring together author Christopher Beanland; architectural historian Elain Harwood; and Melodie Leung, Zaha Hadid Architects to discuss the never-realised projects that might have reshaped the capital.

These grand endeavours often stayed on the drawing board, either because they were too adventurous to build or the political winds of the time weren’t blowing in the right direction. However, these schemes have left their mark on our imagination of what could have been. They help us to understand the motivations of architects, clients and city planners of certain eras and provide lessons for today.

Awe-inspiring concepts were often conceived to help make the world a better place but they could also be the product of huge egos. Some of them represent missed opportunities and others are probably best left in the bottom drawer. What can we do to learn from the past and build better for the future?

UNBUILT – Radical visions of the future that never got built
Image: Foster + Partners

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