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As leading institutions of innovation, London universities need to continue to evolve to changing environmental, social, cultural and economic needs. Universities are adapting to these new challenges to provide pioneering facilities, collaborative social and study spaces as well as integrating themselves within the local area, providing opportunities for local people. The pandemic has catalysed collaboration between institutions and disciplines, highlighting the interconnections between them. Priorities have shifted to create environmentally sustainable buildings that recognise student wellbeing, such as new student centres that create flexible, collaborative spaces.

This webinar provides an update on the key trends and challenges at university sites across London, exploring the new campus developments adding value to local areas as well as on a global stage. What are the key new trends and what challenges do they face? How will universities continue to attract international students? What facilities are being offered, has this changed and adapted since Covid-19? How are growing campuses integrating into their locality and creating social value? How is collaboration being fostered at a local and global level and what are the future ambitions? How are they attracting and engaging with businesses and creating jobs? How are they collaborating with social and cultural institutions?

University Campuses: Evolving to a Changing World
Image: UCL PEARL © Penoyre & Prasad

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