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Unrestrained by the bylaws, manners and conventions of the City and Westminster across the Thames, Bankside evolved in its own free and distinct way. Situated at the southern gateway to the old city, it grew in the 16th century as the Tudor outliers of Southwark, St George and The Borough that later became unruly powerhouses of the Victorian city with a dense network of disorderly factories, railways, tenements, wharves and warehouses. Maligned and ignored for decades, it is now resurgent with a stew of new monuments rubbing up against and looming over old urban relics. In this walk, The London Ambler, explores freedom and chaos, architecture and reform, through the streets and spaces of one of London’s most eclectic and intense urban districts.

A walking tour by The London Ambler - Mike Althorpe

URBAN STEW – Architecture & Upheaval Through Bankside
Image: The London Ambler

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The London Ambler

About Weaving unexpected and alternative routes through the city and tackling big architectural stories in an authoritative, yet fun and accessible way, The London Ambler is one of the capital’s best alternative walk experiences and brings to life the many episodes, sagas and adventures of built and unbuilt London!
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