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The Women’s Work: London map celebrates the extraordinary role women play in shaping cities. The project seeks to address the fact that throughout history, women’s contributions to the built environment has not been granted equal recognition to that of men. Female-centred work has been missed out of publications, educational resources and so often is not equitably promoted by architectural foundations and design institutes.

Part W has created a beautiful map of built projects that recognise the collaborative nature of design - challenging the notion that spatial design and place making is the result of a single figurehead. The study highlights the diverse ecology of expertise that shapes London. The intention is this, first project be part of a wider UK-wider series and beyond.

The map celebrates the intersectional and gender-diverse work of architects, engineers, builders, clients, landscape designers, campaigners and activists.

There are countless projects that could have been featured. This first edition shares just a selection chosen from crowdsourced nominations and reviewed by industry experts.

Judging panel Stephanie Edwards, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Deborah Broomfield and Laura Mark were given the daunting task of whittling down suggestions to 30 to appear on the printed map. The remaining ideas will remain as an open resource for inspiration and as an educational resource.

The Women's Work: London Map launch party is your opportunity to be one of the first owners of the map, and to hear from an expert panel reflecting on the process and challenges of creating the Part W map.

The panel discussion will explore themes of authorship, ideas of value and equitable representation in the industry.

The evening will be introduced by Zoë Berman (Founder and Co-Director Part W) and Yẹmí Àlàdérun (Senior Development Manager at Meridian Water, Founding Member Part W)

Chaired by Laura Mark (Keeper at Walmer Yard, Architecture Critic, Lecturer and PhD Researcher)

Panel speakers include:

Stephanie Edwards (Co-Founding Director at Urban Symbiotics)

Sarah Wigglesworth MBA (Founder and Director SWA, Part W Wise Council)

Alice Brownfield (Director Peter Barber Architects, Co-Director Part W)

The map is by no means definitive. We hope it will act as a catalyst for publishers, curators and design professionals to give deep consideration to who is - and is not - promoted in the sector, and to bring about change. This is just the start.

Women’s Work: London launch

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Address: 248 Ferndale Road

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